First Irish Installation of iTrack10 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

i-Track10 from Theradiag

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Biologics

Accuscience were part of the first Irish installation of the Theradiag i-Track 10 system in University Hospital Galway. This system will allow for the measurement of drug level and anti-drug antibodies in patients treated with biologics. A step forward in personalised medicine.

iTrack10: A step forwards in personalized medicine

  • 1st random-access solution with continuous loading for the therapeutic follow-up of patients treated with biotherapies
  • 1st solution combining the latest generation chemical-luminescence instrument with reference Tracker products
  • 1st solution with an unmatched time to result, the clinician could henceforth quickly adjust the treatment
  • Measurement of drug level and anti-drug antibodies
  • Quantitative measurement
  • A full range of test available
  • First results in 35 minutes
  • High throughput
  • STAT function at any time
  • Samples can be loaded and unloaded at any time
  • Automated startup, QC run and instrument shutdown
  • Self maintenance
  • True walkaway system
  • Complies with most demands of accredited laboratories
  • Automated rules for rerun and dilutions
  • Full traceability
  • Complete QC results follow-up
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Robust
  • Limited waste and increased energetic efficiency
  • Limited use of plastic compared to ELISA
  • Consolidate TDM of Biologics in the core lab
  • Plug the instrutment to Inpeco Laboratory Automation Solutions (FlexLab)
  • STAT function still directly available even when plugged to LAS


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