The new Binder KC Eco, extremely powerful yet still efficient!

Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient: the new KB ECO

Just as gentle on samples and just as powerful as the other incubators in the KB series – but with one difference: The new KB ECO cooling incubator is even more efficient and is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Thermoelectric cooling – but better!

These advances have been made possible thanks to thermoelectric cooling. The technology is not new but at BINDER it has been applied even more effectively than in comparable products: Despite being more efficient in terms of energy use, the KB ECO is just as powerful as its predecessors and – in contrast to compressor units – does not require any refrigerant at all. The unit is also exceptionally quiet.

As is the case with all BINDER cooling incubators, the KB ECO creates constant conditions in the microbiology laboratory and is also suitable for use in many other industrial applications, such as battery development in the context of electromobility – a sector that is omnipresent right now.

What the KB ECO offers

The KB ECO’s electric temperature control provided by a thermoelectric cooling module with innovative heat dissipation covers a temperature range from 0°C to +70°C (max. 26°C below ambient temperature). With a fully stainless steel design, the inner chamber of the KB ECO is enhanced with two stainless steel racks and offers an access port with silicone plug measuring 30 mm in diameter as standard.

The smart unit also uses Binders proven APT.line™ preheating chamber technology. The conditioned air is supplied horizontally from both sides via evenly distributed openings, guaranteeing optimum temperature control. This means that a uniform temperature is ensured even when the unit is fully loaded.

The LCD offers the user a complete overview of temperature as well as additional information and alarms. The internal data logger also allows measured values to be read out in open format via USB.

Cooling and heating is achieved with Peltier technology, a patented technology providing unsurpassed benefits making it a great green performer for best cultured growth.

  • Safe. Unique evaporation/condensation protection system for all operating conditions
  • Reliable. Failsafe operation thanks to intelligent thermoelectric temperature control
  • Smart. Programmable temperatures for alternating incubation and cooling
  • Economical. Minimum energy consumption thanks to optimized thermoelectric cooling

Extremely powerful yet still efficient!