Reinvent your workflow with the NEW ELITe BeGenius

Reinvent your workflow with the NEW ELITe BeGenius

Accuscience are excited to launch the new ELITech Group ELITe BeGenius®, a fully automated solution for medium to high throughput molecular diagnostics laboratories. The ELITe BeGenius® is the ideal solution for laboratories looking for intense flexibility, small system footprint and costs optimisation.

With BeGenius laboratories can empower their workflow in several ways:

  • BeGenius enables universal access to molecular biology by freeing up operator resources with minimal hands-on time, exceptional ease-of-use, and total automation. It also saves space by introducing a stand-alone instrument that can fit anywhere.
  • BeGenius has the capability to manage 24 independent PCR protocols. Up to 24 samples from different matrices can be tested in parallel within the same run and up to 72 results can be run in an 8-hour shift, for up to 18.000 results/year.
  • BeGenius is tailored to every routine by improving the laboratory workflow reducing the hands-on time less than 10 minutes (less than 2 minutes per sample) and offers more diverse testing capabilities.

Click here to see the 3D run video.

Get in touch today to discuss the many benefits of the ELITe BeGenius® and how it can boost your labs efficiency and reinvent your workflow.