Protect your Customers and Staff against Covid-19 transmission

Thermal Camera and Biometric Access Control Solutions

Crowd Fever Detection

  • Detect up to 30 people at a time from distances up to 9 metres (depending on make and model)
  • With blackbody control is accurate to the international standard of +/- 0.3 °C
  • Images can be recorded for HR/ tracing purposes
  • Optional mandatory mask detection options

If you have a steady flow, or influx of people at certain times of the day, then a crowd fever detection solution may be better for your business.

Allowing for swift flow people into the field of vision, up to 30 people can be detected at one time, allowing your reception or security team to quickly identify potentially feverish individuals before they further penetrate the site and interact with the rest of your workforce or customers.

Already businesses are having to close soon after reopening as customers are testing positive; protect your ability to trade by stopping infection before it takes hold.

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Crowd Fever Camera
Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

  • Contactless facial access control
  • Reduce contact with communal objects such as handles and doors and therefore potential infection transmission by upgrading to contactless facial access control and push to exit door releases.
  • Pin codes and swipe card systems only check what you have, not who you are. Make sure you know exactly who is on your site, and when. Credentials cannot be lent or abused when they are biometric. Contact tracing is made easy with simple reporting features.
  • Access control software and GDPR compliant solutions give you the confidence that you’re improving security and efficiency at the same time.

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Thermal Handheld Camera

  • Temperature check staff, customers and contractors quickly and from a safe distance
  • Reads surface temperature
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5 °C
  • Temperature alarm for abnormal temp (default set at 37.5 but can be changed)
  • Records images if required for HR purposes
  • Drop proof to 2m
  • Affordable, effective and reliable to keep potentially infectious individuals out of your business

This body temperature detection systems accurate to within 0.5°C allows businesses to identify employees, customers or visitors who may bring infection into the workplace and the wider workforce. The most prevalent symptom of COVID-19 is fever, with up to 89% of patients displaying fever as a symptom.

The Almas FR-I is an affordable, convenient option to detect anomalous temperatures quickly. Ideal for environments where fewer people are entering at one time.

Monitor employees as they start their shift, or visitors and customers as soon as they enter your premises.

The thermal image is displayed on the screen when the individual’s face is captured within the camera’s field of vision. The range is 1m from the lens, meaning you can adhere to social distancing (when held at arm’s length) while checking temperatures.

Handheld or tripod options available.

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  • High sensitivity sensor with 160 x 120 resolution
  • High quality 320 x 240 resolution 2.4” LCD display
  • Up to 4 palettes
  • Wide temperature measurement range: 30°C – 45°C
  • High temperature measurement accuracy: Up to ±0.5°C (Without Black Body)
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Up to 8 hours continuous operation
  • Palette: black hot, white hot, rainbow, ironbow
  • Hardware Interface        Micro USB
  • Power Supply        3.7 V DC/0.4 A
  • Power Consumption        Less than 1.2 W
  • Working Temperature        10 °C to 35 °C
  • Protection level        IP54
  • Weight        350 g (0.77 lb)
  • Dimensions        196 mm × 117 mm × 59 mm (7.7 ″ × 4.6 ″ × 2.3 ″)
  • Image Sensor        VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
  • Resolution        160×120
  • Pixel Interval        17μm
  • Response Waveband        8μm to 14μm
  • NETD        Less than 40 mK (@25°C,F#=1.1)
  • Focal Length        3.1mm
  • Field of View        50° × 37.2° (H × V)
  • IFOV        5.48 mrad
  • Image Frequency        25 hz
  • Aperture        F 1.1

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