In 2005, with a real sense of entrepreneurship, our story was created.

From individual entrepreneurs to a leading healthcare services provider, we developed a variety of distribution, warehousing, sales, marketing, e-commerce, and contract services subsidiaries. This now forms the foundations of today’s Accuscience Group.
our story

Our Mission

Accuscience Group will be recognised as a dynamic and innovative supplier of healthcare services, whose employees embody the highest levels of professionalism and business integrity

our story

Our core Values guides us, provides a framework and defines what is important to us on a daily basis.

  1. Professionalism

    Take pride in our performance

  2. Responsibility

    To great products, services and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the company

  3. Integrity

    Acting with honesty and honour without compromising the truth

  1. Dynamic

    Ready to respond to change

  2. Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Pursuing new and innovative ideas

Innovative New Technologies