LOWTeq pdms

The CIS for smart clinical documentation

LOWTeqpdms is an innovative, advanced clinical information system – CIS – whose user-friendliness is proven in daily use. Its modules can be individually configured to provide first-class support in all areas of clinical documentation, with intelligent process optimization.

The documentation workload for physicians and caregivers is constantly growing, while at the same time more and more is expected of clinical documentation – better treatment quality, higher patient safety, more available time and greater transparency. Our clinical information system (CIS) delivers all this.

LOWTeqpdms makes clinical documentation easier for physicians and caregivers, and helps the controlling department with more efficient data management. LOWTeqpdms creates added value.

LOWTeqpdms is used in ORs, recovery rooms, in premedication and in intensive-, intermediate- and normal care wards, ensuring smooth workflow.

In patient care, special modules of LOWTeqpdms assist in writing prescriptions and discharge letters, as well as scoring and care planning. They offer intelligent decision support.

The controlling department benefits from valid and full data, and can ensure revenue generation and profit optimization.

LOWTeqpdms can be configured as needed and integrates well in all IT infrastructures.

We continously refine our products at our Cologne headquarters to make sure that LOWTeqpdms always meets the latest requirements for a high-performance CIS. User needs are at the focus of our efforts, and the intuitive operation of LOWTeqpdms ensures full acceptance in practice.

LOWTeqpdms is certified as a Class IIa medical product.


From premedication and anaesthesia, through all functional areas including instrument monitoring, to the intensive and emergency wards, the LOWTeqanaesthesia, LOWTeqintensive care and LOWTeqemergency modules make captured data available at all workstations, ensuring a consistent information status across all departments.

In addition to automatically captured vital data, LOWTeqpdms documents all medications prescribed as well as all procedures performed, materials used and times. Simple integration into the hospital information system means that this patient data is available for doctors’ letters, transfer reports and billing.

If a patient returns to the hospital or clinic, the existing data and reports can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Intensive Care

Use of the LOWTeqintensive care, LOWTeqemergency and LOWTeqanaesthesia modules results in uniform, clear documentation. The intuitive and simple operation of the user interface meets the needs of actual use. Prescriptions, doctors’ orders and therapy plans are available at all times.

Vital data parameters are transferred automatically, and the easy documentation of procedures ensures smooth workflow. This reduces the burden on caregivers and frees up valuable time to attend to patients.


You demand sustainability – so do we!

Cost transparency, improvement potential, revenue generation  – LOWTeqpdms offers controlling departments exactly what they need as a basis for decision-making, to maximize stakeholder satisfaction and business performance.

The LOWTeqcontrolling module helps hopsital controllers with internal costing, makes it easier to show costs, and provides more cost transparency.

LOWTeqcontrolling helps identify potential for improvement, and provides valid data to support decisions that result in positive operational business results.

IT Experts

You demand system integration – so do we!

LOWTeqpdms integrates seamlessly into your  existing IT infrastructure, and is versatile and flexible in communication with other systems.

Communication is assured by the own LOWTeqdata Mirth Connect-based communication server.

All data is stored centrally in a relational database. LOWTeqpdms supports current versions of MySQL and Microsoft SQL servers.

Fail-safety is assured through client-side concepts with an application that enables access to patient data without network access, and through high-availability server components. Server virtualization is actively supported.

As a 3-tier system, business logic in LOWTeqpdms is held in an application server, and so needs not run in the context of user applications.

Applications allow parallel processing of protocols and graphs with data synchronization immediately upon entry.

For user administration, LOWTeqpdms can be re-use existing structures (active directory).

Software distribution and updates can be automatic via a supplied system, or by means of existing in-house deployment systems.


You demand quality improvement – so do we!

LOWTeqpdms supports hospital management in making decisions on strategic objectives.

Higher transparency, process management, process improvement – LOWTeqpdms gives hospital management exactly what it needs as a basis for decisions.

The use of LOWTeqpdms reduces the management burden and supplies arguments for the implementation and execution of strategic activities.

The datasets generated by LOWTeqpdms and supplied to management by controlling make decisions easier and transparent. Thus, LOWTeqpdms offers ideal support for medium and long-term planning towards reaching strategic goals.

For further information, click here or contact our sales team at: 045 882600 or email orders@www.accuscience.ie

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