Respiratory Humidifier from Flexicare

fl-9000-respiratory-humidifierThe FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier is part of a complete system to provide warmed and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support.

Fully automatic for simple and rapid set-up, the FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier has many advanced features, including preset default temperatures, a selectable temperature display, alarm panel with location indicators and a range of safety features. Suitable for Invasive or Non-Invasive Ventilation and Heated or Non-Heated Wire Breathing Systems.

Misconnection Prevention

  • Easy-connect heated wire and temperature probe sockets of different design ensure correct connection.

Multi-Function Display

  • Clear easy-to-read LED Display with the option to check Airway, Chamber or Heater Plate Temperature, or hold on a preferred parameter.

Alarm Indicator

  • Clear, colour coded visual identification of fault source for quick clinical resolution.

LED Indicators

  • Clear visual indication of functions and alarms.

Positive Connection

  • Heater Plate with spring loaded locking mechanism for secure placement of humidification chamber.

For optimal function and patient safety, the FL-9000 should only be used with breathing circuits, humidification chambers and other accessories that have been approved by Flexicare. Please refer to the FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier Operating Manual for further information on the technical specification, set-up and usage.